Pratimesh Tiwari



I am presently directing my attention towards the acquisition of proficiency in C++ programming and competitive programming, with a central focus on cultivating a strong grasp of fundamental principles such as data structures and algorithms. Additionally, I am concurrently engaged in the realms of web development and Salesforce Apex, further broadening my skill set and expertise.

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Pratimesh Tiwari

As a developer, I strive for ongoing learning and skill development, consistently exploring new technologies to enhance my expertise.

  • Commenced my journey with Python, cultivating expertise in versatile scripting and automation.
  • Embarked on my C/C++ programming journey in August 2022, bolstering my programming acumen.
  • I have been actively developing my skills as a web developer, gaining valuable experience and specializing in web development technologies and frameworks.
  • Demonstrated a strong aptitude for problem-solving and algorithmic thinking through participation in coding competitions and hackathons.

Projects Undertaken

  • Client Server Chat System
    • Tech : Python,Sockets
    • Developed a Python project facilitating inter-computer communication via sockets and port numbers. Enhanced networking capabilities, enabling efficient data exchange across connected devices.
  • Interactive Python Hangman Game with MySQL Integration
    • Tech : Python,MySQL
    • Built a Hangman game in Python, featuring user data storage and interaction tracking. Utilized MySQL connectivity and pandas for efficient data management.

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Interactive Projects

I am diligently working on bringing my latest project to the web, where I will present it with a variety of scenarios to enhance the reader's understanding and engagement.


You can access the code documentation for the projects I've undertaken on my Github repository.

Beginner Friendly

Quick to understand ! Coding projects will be documented keeping in mind the complexity of it!